Water fountains should not be used for three years


We may not at home most of the water purifier, but drinking fountains have it, even if there is no unit home should have it! Some families have a drinking machine bucket for three years, because the cell door has a large water purifier, the coin, so has not yet been with the bucket bucket the original, for a long time you will find that the barrel will slowly go green, but this is why?

That is to use the time is too long, did not change, and long time not change barrels will slowly produce toxins, so I suggest we drink water machine bucket at least once a year to change.

Is actually very simple, call the drinks to send a take over the old water bucket he will get back there, also ten dollars! In fact, this has not yet bought a water purifier, rest assured, save trouble, and now a lot of formal shops, shopping malls where the production of food to use water or to provide drinking water areas, generally installed water purifier. Household water purifiers will gradually come in, but it's only a matter of time!

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